Sunday, August 1, 2010

SIGGRAPH 2010 talks by DICE

SIGGRAPH 2010 in Los Angeles was great! Lots of good real-time talks & research this year as well as a huge amount of old friends & new people to meet up with and talk to.

Many of the courses now also have course sites set up for them now the material for the talks can be found, highly recommended reading:

We had a big presence at SIGGRAPH this year and all the DICE talks, except for the Mirror's Edge one, can now be found on both (including the .ppt files for them) as well as embedded in this post.

Hope to upload the Mirror's Edge talk by Henrik Halén from the Stylized Rendering in Games course later on, we need to sort out some permissions for that one first.

Here are the slides for 5 of the 6 DICE talks at SIGGRAPH 2010 embedded:


sebh said...

I have attended almost all this presentations! That was really interesting.
Also, was nice meeting you and Christina!

Ben DeLillo said...

I am sorry to say I missed these talks due to a horribly disorganized tour of Dreamworks I now regret missing a day of SIGGRAPH for.