Monday, June 28, 2010

Gathering feedback: 5 Major Challenges in Interactive Rendering

One of the talks I'm doing for the Beyond Programmable Shading course at Siggraph 2010 is about 5 Major Challenges in Interactive Rendering. And to be able to give good examples of major challenges we have going forward for the next 5 or even 10 years, I thought it could be a good idea to gather some feedback & content from the internets.

In other words, I'm lazy and crowdsourcing parts of the presentation :)

Getting broad feedback would be very useful to get a better understanding of how we as an industry would like to go forward and what problems & challenges are the most important to solve first.

If you are a game developer or working with interactive rendering in any other field, I would very much appreciate any feedback you have on the topic and specific challenges you would like to solve in the next 5-10 years and why those challenges are important for you, and I'll try to include that in the talk.

If you also have ideas of how it should be solved or pictures/movies that clearly demonstrate what you would like to achieve - that would be even better!

The challenges can be anything from rather small things such as the lack of a programmable blending stage that makes rendering decals together with Deferred Shading more difficult, expensive and awkward.

Or things like the major challenge of doing full-scene dynamic glossy reflections in arbitrary environments which can't be done accurately & generally today at all and where different types of raytracing may or may not be the way forward in the long term (with their own set of issues and problems of course).

Feedback about challenges is also not limited to only 'rendering features' per say, for example another key challenge is to develop great programming models for these massive data-parallel machines to empower developers broadly & utilize future hardware efficiently.

If you have any feedback - please either post in the comments here, tweet to me at @repi or mail comments/feedback/examples to me at repi (at)