Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We've finally released the Battlefield: Bad Company teaser

Marketing finally released the movie of the in-engine teaser we created for Battlefield: Bad Company a while ago. This is the same movie I showed at SIGRAD a few months ago as part of my Frostbite presentation.

It is exclusive for Xbox Live Marketplace for now but it has already spread to websites such as Xboxyde (SD version), Xboxyde (720p version), Youtube and Google Video.

The HD version seems to have been quite heavily compressed, I'm sure some other site will release a better version pretty soon.

For the technically interested, yes this is real-time footage from within our new Frostbite engine. It is a 720p direct feed captured from a Xbox 360 devkit running at about 25 fps with no additional offline post-processing or such.

Here a few interesting / funny initial comments about it that I found on various sites and forums:

"omg that was awesome.. even my gf liked it lol"

"This is D.I.C.E we are talking about here. Rallysport Challenge D.I.C.E."

"thats a bad ass trailer, best Ive seen in a while. Getting bit sick of pre-rendered "wanna be" movie feature type of trailers telling me nothing about gameplay itself. At leats in this one I know I can blow up...everything :)"

"shit yeah!!!! i love all the battlefield games and my god i will LOVE this one too."

"Hahaha, that friggin' owns! Can't wait for this one."

"Very nice teaser! I wonder if this kind of humour will make presence in-game though. I hope so! Anyways, it looks like a nice game, plus we'll be able to blow up "anythang!" LOL"

"THAT was pretty damn impressive - it's all the pics we've seen, but really in motion, really smooth, with destructable environments - AND it's Battlefield, so it's gonna be with lots of guys and vehicles... love it, love it!

Battlefield is the second of only two francises I still love on PC, and I'm glad to really see the visuals (and hopefully also the gameplay) jump with this one - good old DICE!"

"Well considering these are in part some of the guys behind Rallisport 2, or so I heard, I'm not really surprised it looks great. RSC2 still is one of the best looking racer ever, even compared to some next-gen ones."

"Yup, lead programmer for RSC series and BF Bad Company is the same guy :)"

"Real-time greatness, finally the first next-gen Battlefield game."

Actually the lead programmer for Rallisport and BFBC isn't the same, but there are quite a few key people from both RSC and BF2, myself included, working on both BFBC and Frostbite. We have a very good team, which I hope shows.