Monday, July 5, 2010

DICE talk schedule for Siggraph'10

We have a record amount of DICE-related talks at Siggraph this year, 6 of them to be precise!

Stylized Rendering in Games course (Monday, 26 July):
  • Cartoon 3D for Battlefield Heroes - Henrik Halén

  • Style and Gameplay in Mirror's Edge - Henrik Halén

Advanced Techniques in Real-Time Hair Rendering and Simulation course (Wednesday, 28 July):
  • Destruction Masking in Frostbite 2 using Volume Distance Fields - Robert Kihl

  • A Real Time Radiosity Architecture for Video Games - Per Einarsson

Beyond Programmable Shading course (Thursday, 29 July):
  • 5 Major Challenges in Interactive Rendering - Johan Andersson

  • Bending the Graphics Pipeline - Johan Andersson

The slides & material for these presentations will be posted directly after Siggraph ends on as well as on this blog.

We'll have a contingent of 4-5 DICE people at Siggraph + hopefully some EA friends, send me a tweet (@repi) or a mail (repi at if you want to meet up for some interesting technical discussions and food/beer!