Friday, May 28, 2010

STHLM Game Developer Forum talk

I held a talk at the new Stockholm Game Developer Forum mini-conference yesterday, did an updated version of my "Parallel Futures of a Game Engine" (v2.0).

Quite a lot have happened within 6 months since the first version of the talk; such as us having released Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with great success (5 million copies sold!), Intel killed Larrabee as a discrete GPU, AMD released more details of Fusion as well as interesting work experiences that I myself & our team have had. For example: porting DX11 compute shader to pipelined SPU SoA vector intrinsics.

So just had to update the presentation a bit and gear it towards the senior game developers in the audience instead of IHVs / platform providers that were the main audience in the first one.

(.ppt version to download is available on

Thanks to The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) here in Stockholm for hosting the new conference and to everyone helped organized it. Was a great show up of world class senior game programmers here around the Stockholm region and think this was the start for something big.

See you next year!

BTW, don't miss Niklas Frykholm's (Bitsquid) slides from the same conference about Practical Examples in Data Oriented Design, very related and good stuff!