Friday, April 10, 2009

GDC'09: Your Game Needs Direct3D 11, So Get Started Now!

As I mentioned, I was invited by AMD to their GDC'09 talk Your Game Needs Direct3D 11, So Get Started Now! to share some of our thoughts, goals & details about Direct3D 11 and our port of Frostbite to D3D11.

This was all quite very last minute and I wrote my slides while at GDC just the night before the talk :) But think it went well and it was fun to present together with AMD again and on a very current topic. A lot of game developers are planning to support DX11 (in some cases going directly from DX9 to DX11, which makes sense), but few have started working on it yet so would be great if our talk was of any help.

AMD should have the slides up soon on their website together with their other GDC presentations. In the meantime, here is the slides for this talk embedded.

Big thanks to Bill Bilodeau for inviting me to his talk!

Update: The rest of the AMD slides from GDc'09 are now available here