Friday, August 14, 2009

Siggraph'09 - Parallel Graphics in Frostbite

This slides for my Siggraph'09 talk "Parallel Graphics in Frostbite - Current & Future" can be found together with the rest of our Beyond Programmable Shading course at this permanent course site. Or embedded below:

Had a lot of material for this presentation that I wanted to talk about, but only 35 minutes to do it on, so crammed in a lot of text within the slides and talked it through in quite a quick pace. If anyone has any questions about the material I covered, please leave a comment or send me an email!

One request that I've gotten from a bunch of people already is to see a higher resolution version of our job graph picture, it is such a big graph that it isn't really possible to what the jobs are and do in a single fullscreen view. So I've uploaded the full 5400x5200 png image now, but understand that it might still not be very obvious of what the different jobs do or why the dependencies are setup the way they are as this is just an dot graph dump straight out of the engine (rendered using GraphViz).
This specific job graph picture is also a bit old and a lot of jobs have rather weird non-ideal dependency structures which is something we are working on to improve.

Here is the full resolution job graph picture:

Hexagons = SPU-jobs.
Rounded boxes = PPU-jobs.
Dotted circles = group jobs that don't execute anything, only synchronize a group of jobs.

Oh and btw, this slide is still valid (for now):