Friday, November 24, 2006

SIGRAD Frostbite presentation over

The keynote presentation I held at SIGRAD 2006 (mentioned earlier) last wednesday went really well and was very much appreciated by the (mostly) students, teachers and professors at the conference which is fun.

Before the presentation we showed an in-game captured movie from a Battlefield: Bad Company build (Xbox 360) that also was very well received. Happend to be the world-wide premiere of any moving pictures from both BFBC and Frostbite which is kinda cool :) The movie should be released to the public very soon now.

I'm going to look into if it is possible to release the presentation as well, it's very technical and quite text-heavy so could be a good read for people interested in rendering and/or engine architecture.

Since the presentation went so well, and wasn't as difficult as I first thought it would be, I will most likley try to get a presentation together for GDC or SIGGRAPH next year of a Frostbite system or technique. That would be even more fun.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

SIGRAD speech: Frostbite Rendering Architecture

I'm holding the keynote speech at SIGRAD'06 next week on the November the 22 about the rendering architecture of our new Frostbite engine and Battlefield: Bad Company!

From the conference poster:

The keynote speech for SIGRAD’06 is about rendering technology used in the current generation of game engines. Torbjörn Söderman (Lead Rendering Programmer) will talk about the history of rendering technology in the game industry and Johan Andersson (Rendering Architect) will give an overview of the architecture and rendering systems of DICE’s new Frostbite engine that powers the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

It's a pretty small local graphics conference but I've never really held any kind of presentation of this scale outside DICE before so I'm sure it will be interesting and a good experience. If it goes well and is appreciated I'll probably try to do a talk for GDC or SIGGRAPH next year.

Back to the preparations..