Sunday, August 1, 2010

5 Challenges Feedback

Thanks again to everyone that contributed feedback to my 5 Challenges in Interactive Rendering talk in the Beyond Programmable Shading course! Had a lot of fun discussions and pretty much all of the feedback fit nicely into the selected challenges and topics.

Feels great that we as an industry are not completely trying to go in different directions and actually seem to care the most about many of the same topics. If you don't agree, please leave a comment :)

Will follow up with some of you that sent long detailed emails of your inner wishes & secrets next week now that I'm back from Siggraph.

Here is a list of everyone (I hope!) that directly gave feedback on what the challenges should be or topics of interests, thanks! This is a great list of people to follow on twitter as well.

Christina Coffin (@christinacoffin)
Colin Barré-Brisebois (@ZigguratVertigo)
Daniel Collin (@daniel_collin)
Flavius Alecu (@flawe)
Sander van Rossen (@logicalerror)
Rob Jones (@bobvodka)
Steven Tovey (@nonchaotic)
Colin Riley (@domipheus)
Joe Tidmarsh (@mrjovis)
Stephen Hill (@self_shadow)
Federico Bianco Prevot (@nocturndragon)
Stefan Boberg (@bionicbeagle)
Noel Llopis (@snappytouch)
Björn Knafla (@bjoernknafla)
Andrew Richards (@codeandrew)
Juan Manuel Alvarez (@the_naicigam)
David Luebke (@davedotluebke)
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley (@jrk)
Pat Wilson (@pat_wilson)
Rachel Blum (@groby)
Brian Karis (@briankaris)
Matt Collins (@matt_c_)
Sam Martin (@palgorithm)
Aaron Lefohn
Andrew Lauritzen
Luca Fascione
Steve Anichini
Simon Taylor
Matt Swoboda
Cody Ritchie
Mattias Kylen
Oscar Carlén

Oh and if you still have thoughts about what the 5 major challenges are and/or didn't have time to discuss it before, please do send a tweet (@repi), post a comment or send an email. Always interesting to discuss & hear people's thoughts and ideas on the topic!

See you, if not sooner, at GDC 2011 (San Francisco) and SIGGRAPH 2011 (Vancouver).

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