Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Conference slides

Found the neat site which can freely host & embed presentations (up to 100mb per presentation).

I've uploaded a few of the (public) external presentations that I've done the last couple of years. Planning a new talk for GDC this year (focused on DX10/11 rendering) and hopefully another one for the Siggraph real-time rendering course as well, should be interesting as always!

Don't miss the course notes for Siggraph course.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the uploads. This is much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the presentations! One question though, how do you deal with 33x33 patches and power of 2 textures when using vertex texture fetch, since that patch size would require 2^n + 1 sized textures? With a single texture you can just clamp and live with the error, but when you tile textures, the clamped edge tends to look bad. Any pointers?

repi said...

The 33x33 patches are just the vertex grids that lookup coordinates from a few much larger power-of-2 heightmaps.

So all vertices within the 33x33 have correct non-clamped coordinates, except for some of the grids on the side of the big heightmaps. But that is usually far from the playable area on the level so not visible

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for the reply. Sounds like I might be worried about nothing in that case :). Although, do you do anything special where the heightmaps meet in the center of the world? e.g. enforce the clamping cases to the outside edges of the heightmaps?

repi said...

We currently center a single big heightmap around origin so you never reach the borders of it. Simple & efficient.