Saturday, August 19, 2006

Battlefield: Bad Company screenshots

A couple of gaming forums has gotten a hold of a few screenshots from BFBC, not sure how since I haven't seen them on any of the larger games site yet. But they might just be first to release the press material.

Here are some comments from various forums after hearing about the game and seeing the screenshots. Quite amusing for me since I work on the rendering & tech:

"I am telling you, I am 100% positive that those shots are not ingame. There is no way that even the Xbox 360 could produce those graphics in such a large-scale game as Battlefield, especially on that hobbled together engine that the games run on."

"For sure. Those graphics are beyond this generation as far as I can see. I'd put money it looks nothing like that. Not because it's EA. FN3 is still the most impressive thing I've seen. A new engine could help tons though."

"wow those r amazin graphics... is that 2142?"

"That IS amazing graphics!"

"mmm... prerendered CG always looks nice :/"

"OMG I just wet my self"

"In-FREAKING-deed. EA makes me happy AGAIN, this just about makes up for BF2 :)"

"When has DICe cer released prerendered screens of any of its games? ANd this is compeltey possible, there is NO REASON TO BELIEVE IT'S FAKE. It even has jaggies on some areas so obviously it's real."

"wtf is this game gonna be about or is dice trying to be funny to get our attentions away from1.4 being delayed"

Links to forum postings about BFBC:

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