Thursday, June 2, 2005

RalliSport Challenge 1 cars in Xpand Rally

Scav found out that someone reverse engineered my car mesh format that I created for RalliSport Challenge 1 (PC & Xbox) for about 4 years ago. It appears that they are trying to convert all the RSC1 cars from the PC version to Xpand Rally which, obviously, has a quite alive and fanatic mod community.

The format they reverse engineered is called CarMesh (.cm) and is quite basic. Each mesh contains a list of LODs and each LOD has a list of renderable blocks. A renderable block is the smallest primitive inside the mesh and it contains the vertex & index data, a per-vertex deformable morph target list (position and normal), a reference to a shader and an enum to describe which car part the block belongs to used for destruction when disconnecting parts from the car.

Overall the format is quite simple but specific for just RSC1 needs, it shouldn't have been that hard to reverse engineer. But if they would have asked me I would have given them a detailed description to same them some time :)

Update: Fixed link, stuiped typical mistake

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Rallisport...
Would you guys at DICE think about making another rally game?
please please please please please~~~~ ToT
For the DS too??
a 4 player split screen racing game~ ToT
And you guys are the only people I'd trust to not put Big rigs and stuff in it!

Look at the Commercial Success of DIRT.
Now get rid of all the stupid big rigs, buggies, etc, and put more than 12 tracks in the game! it's all you!
Rallisport challenge 2 was absolutely EPIC!!!
I want another racer like that. Grid doesn't cut it, Need for Speed needs to take a nice, long dirt nap and Gran Turismo needs to find it's way into the 21st century. (they use the X key for accelerate.)
Burnout is the retarded child playing with a lighter, Colin Mc Rae just wasn't that good, Crazy Taxi is dead, Sega Rally's physics/controls feel sloppy as Ridge Racer and it's AI is on par with Rainbow Six (that's a bad thing). Ridge Racer isn't even a racing game. It's just Retro Namco Advertisement. The whole purpose of trying beat the game is to unlock the galaga remix song. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!
What I'm trying to say is You really really need to show them how to make a good racing game again.