Sunday, May 15, 2005

These are the Voyages...

Just saw the final Star Trek: Enterprise episode These are the Voyages, what a weak episode. Especially since it ends the 18-year continous run of modern Trek on television and it will be a while (at least a couple of years at a minimum) before we will get a new series.

WARNING: Spoilers below

One of my main objections with the episode was that they didn't let the Enterprise characters stand on their own feet, they just jumped 6 years into the future (with the only thing changed was T'Pol's hair) and focused on Will Riker from TNG, esentially making the Enterprise characters supporting characters in their own show.

The actual plot was very weak, the whole Shran apperance and the rescue mission for his daughter felt like it was created only so Trip could go totally out of character and commit a pointless suicide to save the captain and the ship from a villain that should have been no match at all for them. By the way, how did those simple thugs find and catch up with Enterprise and then board it at warp 7?

On the positive side, the whole forming of the interstellar alliance that will become the Federation was very interesting. That was something I was looking forward to ever since Enterprise was announced 4 years ago. Unfortunately they didn't deliver tough, basically just showing glimpses of the event and not even showing Archers supposedly legendary speech, damn you TPTB.

Overall I would grade the episode 2/5.

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