Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Creating the High-Tech Audio of Battlefield 2

Creative has done an interview with the audio programmer and the sound designer of Battlefield 2 here at the Stockholm office.

With my squad at my back, I battle my way into deepest Stockholm, Sweden. Mortars and rockets rake the streets, jet fighters scream in the sky above my head. Skirting mines and avoiding snipers, I take refuge in a nearby office. Inside, I find Jonas Kjellström and Henrik Andersson, ice-cool as only Swedish game developers can be, putting the finishing touches to the sound system in Digital Illusions' and Electronic Arts' multiplayer PC masterpiece, Battlefield 2! A perfect opportunity to find out about what explosive audio treats they have planned for us...

It's a good interview and extra interesting in the sense that it focuses on an area often forgotten in other interviews and previews, i.e. audio. It's also always cool to read about people you know and work with (not directly tough, I'm on a different project and in a different area).

Creative pimped their new X-Fi sound card technology in the interview which sounds (hah) quite powerful, but I'm not that well versed in audio technology so I'll gladly leave more in-depth comments about it to Scav.

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